Our focus is to provide quality music provision to young people from challenging circumstances. Working with our experienced Music Mentors, participants will create music that is relevant to their lives, whilst exploring the world of Music Production.


Using music and the arts as a focus for engagement and catalyst for change in behaviour is well case-studied and documented throughout the UK. The ability to pick up a new skill quickly and apply it creatively in the form of music making, is proven to help with motivation, gain self-esteem and sense of achievement. Offering a fresh approach to learning through music and technology, Bass Invaders hope to offer a music support tool that will inspire a more enriched learning experience.


Our Music Mentors are industry professionals; they have vast experience working with those from challenging circumstances and understand the importance of building positive working relationships. Motivated, organised and knowledgeable in their field, our mentors are a key part of the team that make what we do possible. 


Music production is a big passion of ours and we want to share our knowledge. From beginner to advanced pupils, we have the experience in place to facilitate the programme that best suits the needs of the participants. Providing industry standard equipment and software, ensures our sessions are up to date with music technology tuition standards.


Our tutors detail progression after every session and participants also have the option to contribute to this process. We supply resources for every pupil, provide exclusive assess to the Bass Invaders members area and the music they have created during the workshops.


We want to champion all the music made on our programmes and make the work downloadable either publicly or exclusively thought our members area, depending on the wishes of the producer and guardian.


With exclusive access to online resources, tutorial videos and digital content, all designed and developed by our team here at Bass Invaders, you will have tools available to you that aren’t available anywhere else. We aim to update our content regularly and can even create programmes and content exclusively for customers that want to create a bespoke package with us.

Please contact Bass Invaders via phone or email to discuss our full range of services and how we can best meet your needs